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Baked Epoisses cheese

Baked Epoisses cheese

This week I literally haven’t even been thinking of human food for dinners. All I seem to have been doing is making sure the puppy and kitten have food and have been fed and walked at the rig…

Strawberry Macarons

French almond macarons

Since posting this last night, the lovely Angie from The Novice Gardener asked me if I would like to join her Fiesta Friday party. I am of course very excited for this and am super excited to see e…

Raspberry and coconut macaroons

Just in time for Valentines!

In an effort to gear myself up to make traditional macaroons, I have been playing around to come up with a coconut macaroon biscuit that works and that I wouldn’t be embarrased to post on my …

Spaghetti bolognese
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Spaghetti and cookies

Now that halloween is safely behind us (until next year that is), I can come out of hiding. For someone who loves Christmas as much as I do, I am surprised that I don’t get into the full joys…

Poached eggs with tomato ragu
Little KitchenPoached EggsFondueBreakfastKochen

Back to basics!

While talking over a couple of beers and some red wine on Saturday night, I had a flutter of renewed energy about my blog. I always have thoughts and energy to cook and write but I feel I may have …

Chunky Sweetcorn soup

Spring sweetcorn soup

Yesterday was the first day of spring. Now for once the weather is actually acting like spring. It is bright, clear and fresh and the sun is actually warm! I got up at 6.30 this morning and looked …

Peach and blackberry macaroon tart

Dinner party success!

Hurrah!! On Sunday we held our very first dinner party in our new home, and it was a total success and beautiful evening. Well in truth we have had a few dinners already but this time we invited th…



Spinach soup
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No fuss soup and bread

So my dad sent me a text request for a veg based soup with spinach. Most of the time I just throw soups together with whatever is left in the fridge. I have a few soups that I don’t mess with…

Roasted red pepper salad

Roasted pepper salad

With spring in full swing, it’s time to start eating lighter meals and less comfort food. I really like sitting around a table, having dinner of multiple dishes and picking and choosing, plus…

Mixed berry and pecan muffin cake
Little KitchenMixed BerriesBerryMuffin

Mixed berry and pecan muffin cake

Oat and coconut cookies
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Oat and coconut cookies

Celeriac and apple soup

Celeriac and apple soup

The weather here, has turned. We had a good stint of glorious sun and calm spring days and now we are back to sun/wind/rain/hailstones and sun again, all a bit topsy turvy. With weather like this, what food I am in the mood for changes constantly. But soup is always one of those dishes that…

Gnocchi with a gorgonzola cream sauce
Little KitchenHave TimeMealsFood

lazy lunch

Ok, truth time! Despite the fact that I am on leave from work and pretty much have nothing to do all day, I still didn’t have time to prepare a proper lunch. Honestly I don’t know how t…

Apple pie traybake
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The apple pie traybake

There really isn’t much news here from my side. I have been trying to keep my mind totally occupied while my better half is in work. I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I ha…

Raspberry and vanilla cupcakes

Butterflies and yellow roses!

This is one of those blogs that has taken several attempts to write. I like to think this blog very much represents me and as you read it, you can hear my voice and imagine the person behind it. Fo…