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Safety and Security

Collection by Lindsey Ann


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Lindsey Ann
 And you thought the rabbit from Donnie Darko was creepy. By the look on his face, this bunny is ready to eat this little boy. That baby’s face says - Funny - Check out: Vintage Easter Bunny Photos That Will Make Your Skin Crawl on Barnorama Vintage Bizarre, Creepy Vintage, Vintage Halloween, Creepy Halloween, Halloween Costumes, Donnie Darko, Photo Vintage, Vintage Photos, Vintage Photographs

An alarming April antic or all-out amusing?

Alas and alack. This image is appropriate for April Fool’s Day, even if it’s altogether inappropriate. Who hasn’t seen Easter Bunny photos like this? Every generation of now-grown kids probably shudders at childhood memories of sitting on a creepy looking creature with an oversized head and big bucked teeth during the days leading up to Easter. Vintage photo / public domain As if shopping mall Santas and Halloween haunters weren’t scary enough! Can you imagine this guy hopping into your home…

Runderdog: Runleashed and Runstoppable: Fit footwear is foremost for runners -- Steps Quotes, Corrie Ten Boom, Stranger Danger, Gym Classes, Running Quotes, Central Nervous System, Running Inspiration, Fiction And Nonfiction, Writing Poetry

Fit footwear is foremost for runners.

Athletic shoes aren’t actually fancy, although one might expect them to be, based on their price tags. For runners, fit and function are far more important than aesthetics. Sure, we like to pick pretty colors and patterns, if possible. But the most important features of running shoes are fit and function. When we’re training for upcoming events, we might pick trail shoes, hiking shoes, track shoes, or basic running shoes. We talk about pronation, heel lifts, and toe-box widths. We bend new…

Icon of the Week: Tippi Hedren vs. Matt Dreyer Tippi Hedren looks great from the front. Alfred Hitchcock, Hitchcock Film, Tippi Hedren, Hollywood Glamour, Classic Hollywood, Old Hollywood, Merle Oberon, Sean Penn, Catherine Deneuve

Loaded for Beware

This pistol of a friend I’ve found Will step out with the gun’s resound. The pack behind, off like a shot, She pulls the trigger, all she’s got. She makes her peace, out from the gate, To run near four in thirty-eight. And with both barrels firing fine, She zips right past the finish line. Though she’s not packing on the street, You still might say she brings the heat. c2018 by Linda Ann Nickerson Image: Theme art – adapted from public domain image Still from Marnie, 1964 Feel free to follow…

Clark Gable and Joan Crawford take a swim. Gable and Crawford were long time friends and lovers. They even lived openly together for a year Golden Age Of Hollywood, Vintage Hollywood, Classic Hollywood, Hollywood Party, Hollywood Stars, George Hurrell, Clark Gable, It Happened One Night, Carole Lombard

Xcuse Me (When gym rats fall flat)

He loiters ‘round there at the gym, And most of us steer clear of him. I do not even know his name, But I could tell you of his game. He wanders idly by each set. I’ve never seen him break a sweat. He greets the ladies with a gawk And stops beside them, making talk. Today, this fellow crossed the line. I know I didn’t give him a sign. He blocked my path and grabbed my arm. I guess he thought he brimmed with charm. This move was random, not so wise, For I go there to exercise. Not interested…

MAY is NURSES MONTH. @BondiBand has a special offer. $9 performance wicking headbands (that stay put) w/buttons for facemask bands. Buy 1 & #bondiband will donate 1. #bondibandambassador #runderdog #nurses #masks #headbands #salutingnurses - Ms Walk, Thank You Nurses, You Make A Difference, Central Nervous System, Shopping Coupons, Mom Day, Weight Control, Caregiver, Headbands

Emergency Face Mask & Button Headbands

MAY is NURSES MONTH. @BondiBand has a special offer. $9 performance wicking headbands (that stay put) w/buttons for facemask bands. Buy 1 & #bondiband will donate 1. #bondibandambassador #runderdog #nurses #masks #headbands #salutingnurses -

 Creator of Bondi-Max fabric! Stranger Danger, Shopping Coupons, Fitness Activities, Safety And Security, Ms, Choices, Coding, Hairstyles, Running

Bondi Band

Need a face-mask? A button-headband to hold mask straps? A neck gaiter to roll up as an even comfier mask? #BondiBand has got you covered with washable performance-wicking choices in tons of colors. Use code RUNDERDOG for 10% off site-wide. #bondibandambassador #runderdog #facemask #pandemic

Runderdog: Runleashed and Runstoppable: Purpose is paramount for pursuing the prize - - Steps Quotes, James Thurber, Stranger Danger, Gym Classes, Running Quotes, Central Nervous System, Running Inspiration, Fiction And Nonfiction, Writing Poetry

Purpose is paramount for pursuing the prize.

When you run, do you think of it as running towards something or away from something? Maybe you’re running for the finish line or a personal record time. Perhaps you are running away from a recent injury, weight gain, or nagging medical condition. It could be you are running because you enjoy the company of your fellow runners. Everybody has a reason for running. What’s yours? That question points us to today’s “Running Quotes by Non-Runners” pick: “All human beings should try to learn…

Not all nose-dives are MS' fault -- I guess I can’t really blame this on MS. Not this time. Pet Dogs, Dogs And Puppies, Pet Boarding, Animal Nutrition, All About Animals, Pet Sitting, Safety And Security, Pet Grooming, Pet Store

Not all nose-dives are MS' fault

Multiple sclerosis is profoundly inconvenient. The MS MonSter can cause all sorts of mishaps, including sudden tumbles and stumbles. I cannot count the number of times I have been jogging or strolling or even standing still, only to find myself suddenly flat-out on the ground, looking up at the sky. Hey, it happens. Only that’s not what happened to me today. I laced on my sneakers, grabbed the leash, and stepped outside for a jog with my dog. (I’ve committed to a somewhat ambitious mileage…

39 Fun Things To Do With Kids in Nashville, Tennessee Nashville Tennessee, Zoo Animals, Animals And Pets, Exotic Animals, Orange County Hikes, Things To Do, Stuff To Do, Toddler Christmas Gifts, Wildlife Park

Cher is back on the charts with ‘Woman’s World’

The new women’s empowerment video “Woman’s World” finds the successful 67 year-old shape shifting into women of various ages, races and...

Changing meds: Safety tips for tossing leftover drugs Ms Walk, Stranger Danger, Central Nervous System, Weight Control, Neurology, Safety And Security, Multiple Sclerosis, Safety Tips, Fitness Nutrition

Changing meds: Safety tips for tossing leftover drugs

Pharmaceutical companies constantly research and modify medications. New drugs enter the medical marketplace frequently. Patients living with multiple sclerosis or other conditions often find that their physicians write new prescriptions to change treatment plans. Plenty of us may be instructed to take certain drugs on a trial or short-term basis, leading to an accumulation of partially used prescriptions in our medicine cabinets. What should be done with the old meds? Please refuse to…

Pandemic changes dog-walking etiquette -- 10 tips for walking dogs during a widespread health crisis Pet Dogs, Dogs And Puppies, Dog Cat, Pets, Pet Boarding, Dog Ages, Veterinary Care, All About Animals, Happy Puppy

Pandemic changes dog-walking etiquette

Pandemic changes dog-walking etiquette -- 10 tips for walking dogs during a widespread health crisis

 From the article: "Spreading the word about missing people may be helpful … except when it’s not. Personal Security, Safety And Security, Stranger Danger, Real Relationships, Missing Persons, Sad Stories, Family First, Caregiver, Boys Who

Caution is advised, when sharing MISSING PERSON posts

CAUTION! From the article: "Spreading the word about missing people may be helpful … except when it’s not."

Strange Inventions of the Past: Bicycle-Powered Sewing Machine Rare Historical Photos, Rare Photos, Old Photos, Vintage Photos, Historical Fun, Strange Photos, Iconic Photos, Velo Retro, Velo Vintage

Jumpin’ Jiminy!

We’ve heard of backseat drivers, but this is something altogether different! This crazy vintage photo has us in stitches. Does the guy on top look a little jittery, or is it just us? Extra points to the kid in back, who seems to be doing the lion’s share of the pedal work to move this jaunty jalopy along. Just a second! The jazzy seamstress is working that foot treadle too. Maybe now we know why bicycle helmets were first invented. Judicious plan! Image/s: Vintage photo – public domain…

Best Dog Food Container: Buy the Best to Keep them Healthy In 2019 Dog Nutrition, Animal Nutrition, Best Dog Food, Best Dogs, Dangerous Foods For Dogs, Dog Illnesses, Dog Food Container, Dog Diet, Puppy Food

5 steps to take, if a pet is poisoned

Accidental poisons can be perilous for pets. Curious pets can find potential poisons and face serious illness or even death as a result. A dog or cat may stumble onto some toxic substance, which has likely been unintentionally left within the animal’s reach. In a moment, the pet may consume or even simply roll in the poisonous matter and become very ill without warning. NOTE: Written by this author, this copyrighted material originally appeared on another publisher’s site. That site no…

Runderdog: Runleashed and Runstoppable: Thanks for the slush-slop shower. Everyday Holidays, Weird Holidays, Personal Security, Safety And Security, Stranger Danger, Gym Classes, Up And Running, Holiday Fun, Jogging

Thanks for the slush-slop shower. Not!

Sometimes neighbors present one another with strange surprises. That’s certainly what happened to me around here. Hey, it’s the holiday season. It’s prime time for neighbors to shower one another with kindness. Folks offer thoughtful little gifts, fresh-baked cookies, well wishes, crooned carols, and sweet sentiments. Only that’s not exactly how it went down this time. Here in the Upper Midwest U.S., we have enjoyed an all-too-brief, but most welcome, stretch of unseasonably warm weather…

Weight Loss And Fitness. Weight reducing is one of the most popular topics ever. Every person is apparently trying to lose weight nowadays. Most diet plans have to do with weight loss and body weight is frequently used as an indicator of fitness progress. Fitness Motivation, Fitness Tips, Health Fitness, Fitness Workouts, Fitness Plan, Health Club, Fitness Goals, Fitness Products, Fitness Quotes

10 safety questions to ask before going for a run

Runderdog is runleashed & runstoppable. News, views & reviews from a former gym class drop-out, who took up running decades later & never looked back