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Stephen King Writing Tips. His stories are insane, but oddly enough I LOVE his view on outlines and fiction.

Stephen King Writing Tips. He is fantastic, and I LOVE his view on outlines and fiction. I never understood the point of an outline when writing a novel.

I Believe in Story | Plotting Your Novel

One pinner said, "I'm not a big fan of prescriptive plot structures but this article discusses 4 different plot methods and gives the great advice to use them only as support for your writing, rather than forcing your writing to fit the structure.

201 Writing Prompts- this makes me with i had the time to respond to each and every one of them. very diverse list!

201 Writing Prompts: Writing Starters to Spark Creativity and End Writer’s Block. All writers have those days when inspiration just seems to fly out the window–when the blank screen bec…