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How not to mess up on Facebook

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I understand. It takes time. You have more pressing things to do. You only have so many hours in the day. You spend enough time already on social media. You have nothing to write about. I have heard it all before and these are all very valid reasons not to write a blog but if you [...]

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Digital marketing - scary stuff isn't it? - Lesley Moore Consultancy Services

Since moving to the West of Ireland from London last year, I have been transforming my consultancy services to adapt them to the needs of local businesses. The opportunities here in Westport are fewer than in Canary Wharf – only one hour away but a lifetime apart. Is that right? Well, actually, it is not … Continue reading Digital marketing – scary stuff isn’t it? →

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A picture (or visual) paints a thousand words - Lesley Moore Consultancy Services

Visual, video and infographics engage users most. YouTube, Google+ and Instagram are important as visual tools grow in 2014.

Social Media Today brings together the news, trends and best practices around enterprise social and digital marketing. editorially independent website, we also host events, live and virtual, with the best thinkers about social and digital transformation. Facebook Business, Facebook Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Internet Marketing, Online Marketing, Social Networks, Web Internet, Viral Marketing

Still friends with Facebook after 10 years? - Lesley Moore Consultancy Services

Facebook’s first decade Apparently, I joined Facebook on 20 June 2007 according to a message they kindly sent me this week. Yes, it’s 10 years this week since Facebook was born, so that means I have been a member for nearly 7 years. Facebook also sent me a cute little video where they have combined … Continue reading Still friends with Facebook after 10 years? →

Content marketing is having a big impact on marketers. Some believe it will change SEO. But in the breathless rush to “the next big thing” some people have forgotten that content generation – and the actual marketing of said content – isn't SEO.

Top 10 reasons that content is critical - Lesley Moore Consultancy Services

It’s officially Spring, the daffodils are waving at me through the window, so I think I’ll start this blog with a joke…stolen from Seth Godin in his book “Permission Marketing”. ‘What do you get if you cross and insomniac with a dyslexic and an agnostic? Someone who stays up all night worrying about whether there … Continue reading Top 10 reasons that content is critical →

Bad Credit Loans are Suffering from Bad Creditors (with image) ·

Networking: step out from behind the device - Lesley Moore Consultancy Services


Using Twitter effectively

12 steps to tweet your way to the top - Lesley Moore Consultancy Services

Of all the social media tools I use, Twitter is the one that consistently turns up trumps for me. It helps me find experts, it connects me to experts, it lets me speak to experts who I have never met. I can target markets precisely, I can target companies precisely, I can target individuals precisely. … Continue reading 12 steps to tweet your way to the top →