A cup of tea I like it Anytime During the day A cup of coffee After ten I am ready For anything. Gaelic is hard.

An deoch is fearr Cupa tae, Is maith liom é, Am ar bith, I rith an lae. (The best drink: I like a cup of tea at anytime of the day.

Ag úsáid Réamhfhocail na Gaeilge // Using Prepositions in Irish

Ag úsáid Réamhfhocail na Gaeilge // Using Prepositions in Irish

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r nAthair (Our Father in Irish)Gaeilge Prayer for your Classroom Sacred SpaceA4 PDF size - Can be blown up to A3 size

Ár nAthair - Our Father i nGaeilge. I'm not at all religious but I like knowing the Our Father prayer in Irish.

This product contains 6 posters about the rules for the aidiacht shealbhach for both consonants and vowels.It also includes examples of each.mo, do, a (s), a (s), r, bhur, a This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

An Aidiacht Shealbhach (Gaeilge) mo, do.... poster set

Fun Games to learn Irish - http://www.smartycatgames.ie

Farm Jigsaw Puzzle - Irish Language A colourful illustration labelled in Irish. Available in or 30 pieces. Hand cut from inch thick wood. Comes in a vinyl zip bag with cloth handle.

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