Socca with gremolata and whipped Feta

Socca to me: versatile chickpea bread with loads of toppings

Lilly Higgins: Rhubarb and Custard Cream Pie

Lilly Higgins: Custard and cream swirled over a bed of pink roast rhubarb is a perfect spring dessert

Lilly Higgins recipe: Roast mussels with zhug

Lilly Higgins recipe: Roast mussels with zhug

Asparagus and pancetta cake with tarragon whipped butter

Lilly Higgins: Slices of savoury cake instead of picnic sandwiches

Lamb and blood orange tagine

Lilly Higgins: Celebrate blood orange season with a lamb tagine

Super green hummus and roast root vegetables

Carrots and parsnips pair naturally with one another and are sweet and delicious when roasted

Lilly Higgins: Chicken Adobo

Filipino food is the original fusion cuisine and this Adobo is the perfect, delicious example

Wild garlic gnocchi

These little seasonal pillows of flavour fried in butter are a great way to celebrate wild garlic

Persian Lamb and Rhubarb Khoresh

Lilly Higgins: Persian Lamb And Rhubarb Khoresh

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