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SoundProofing Tape - A Must needed sound proofing product for your room.

Soundproofing Tapes and Sound Isolation Padding Tape for Noise Control

DIY:: Amazing !! How to {Soundproof} a room on a {Budget!} Excellent Tutorial !

Soundproofing a Room on a Budget - Do you have a basement, room, home theater or gym that needs sound proofing?

Soundproof Your Apartment with a Bit of Weatherproofing Tape

If you& like me, you like loud music.but your neighbors probably don& Steve Guttenberg over at The Audiophiliac shares a few tips for isolating sound on the cheap.

If you have noise problems in your apartment like traffic, trains, or barking dogs, we can help. Check out these handy tips to sound proofing your apartment and get peace of mind.

sewBOLD: Tutorial: Draft Stopper + Noise Muffler=Sleep Sweeter *Sew premeasured rectangles right sides together, turn right side out, sew about in on each long side, stuff outter compartments, sew up end. Keeps drafty air from coming in.