The alphabet Gaeilge

The alphabet as Gaeilge

Fun Games to learn Irish -

Farm Jigsaw Puzzle - Irish Language A colourful illustration labelled in Irish. Available in or 30 pieces. Hand cut from inch thick wood. Comes in a vinyl zip bag with cloth handle.


A great selection of books in Irish and traditional Irish music and traditional Irish song available. Irish teaching resources, classroom readers in Irish, learning Irish books, children's books in Irish available online and in our shop in Connemara.

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Mise (Me) Chuaigh mé Cheannaigh mé Thug mé Thit mé Bhris mé D& mé Bhuail mé le Bhuail mé Chonaic mé Dhúisigh mé D& mé Chuir mé D& mé Rothaigh mé.

Múinteoir Fabulous Displays: An Teilfís

My Gaeilge Board- An Teilfís To help my class learn the names of the different television programmes.

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