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PTS & My Mess

Hey love, How are you today? Drinking something good and warm? Here in Minnesota its like crazy windy, like at my house 50 mph wind thrusts. Crazy, I tell you and cold. So today I am having a…

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“I love ❤️ this quote ❤️”

Don't Kill People With Kindness

Don't kill people with kindness, because not everyone deserves your kindness. Kill people with silence, because not everyone deserves


If a person always leaves you with mixed feelings, uncertainty and an unsettled mind, you don’t need to place your energy there. – Reyna Biddy

103 Prepper Memes | Survival Meme Library | TruePrepper

Memes about prepping, survivalism, and preppers in general are a great way to share a chuckle and poke fun at

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