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Attitude is everything!

Coincidence Or Not? No its not a coincidence you idiot, some loser sat down and figured that out, instead of actually doing anything productive or interesting with their valuable, short and precious lives they made a dumb post to impress people.

I actually do this all the time. I hand write all my first drafts and then re-write/edit wholly within the typing out of my second draft.

She is right. There are parts of my story that I have rewritten, rearranged, or omitted entirely! ****** Definitely I've done this with essays

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Character-creation questions that matter (instead of trivia such as, "What's their favorite color?" or, "What was their high school mascot?

Top 10 Mind-Blowing Images Of Human Life In The Womb

At 16 weeks gestation… This week, the baby is going through a growth spurt. Soon she’ll be growing locks of hair on her head and she’s already started growing toenails. Every day, her heart pumps about 25 quarts of blood through her body.