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Paul McGahey based in Irish Midlands.

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Interpretation of a Spiral Rose Shaped Galaxy Oil on Slate cm x cm Irish Art, Slate, Spiral, Cool Photos, Mad, Rose, Ideas, Chalkboard, Pink

Galaxy of Love

Hi, This is my latest piece and my second painting of Deep Space. It has taken 3 weeks work and I am very happy with it. On the other hand I am slightly disappointed because the best photo I could …

Roof of the World Oil on canvas 71 cm x 61 cm World Oil, Irish Art, Olympus Digital Camera, Fine Art America, Oil On Canvas, Digital Art, Mountains, Places, Mad

Roof of the World

Hi, Today’s painting in Bob Ross style, I titled “Roof of the World” as it makes me think of Tibet – a place I would love to visit someday. It’s just a short blog toda…

Self Portrait of Artist with Fibromyalgia Abstract in Mirror Irish Art, Face Off, Macabre, Fibromyalgia, Mad, Mirror, Portrait, Abstract, Artist
Face OffMacabreFibromyalgiaMadPortrait

Face Off

Hi Folks, Today I am showcasing the macabre! ” Abstract Self-Portrait of Artist with Fibromyalgia”. It is the most fun I had with paint in a while. Whilst working on a detailed piece c…

Rainy Day Cafe cm x 26 cm One Of Those Days, Irish Art, Bad Day, Rainy Days, Mad, Painting, Sick Day, Rain Days, Painting Art
Bad DayMadPaintingSick DayPainting Art

Rainy Days and Bad Days

Hello to all today – hope you are having a good one. Life can be very trying at times and today is one of those days for me, I’ll tell you more shortly… Today’s piece is cal…

Buddha (Om Mani Padme Hum) Slate on Mirror 61 cm x Buddha's Hand, Celtic Spiral, Om Mani Padme Hum, Irish Art, Compassion, Slate, Hand Carved, Mad, Carving
Celtic SpiralOm Mani Padme HumCompassionSlateMad

Carving Compassion

Today’s piece is one of the Buddha hand-carved slates on Mirror with a candle plinth at his feet. The plinth is carved in the design of the Celtic Spiral of Life, which for me balances the …

Celtic God Lu Hand Carved Slate Mirror 77 cm x cm Celtic Mythology, Irish Art, Fine Art America, Hand Carved, Carving, God, Mirror, Slate, Painting
Fine Art AmericaGodSlatePainting

Mirroring Mythology – Celtic God Lu

I have learned every slate owns unique personality with its grain and thickness . Lu was hand carved from a single piece of reclaimed 200 year old Blue Bangor slate. Blue Bangor being the best qua…

Little Prince Oil & Acrylic on Slate X Irish Art, Tree Frogs, Slate, Finding Yourself, Mad, Prince, Creatures, Blog, Painting

Frog Blog

Hi Everybody, Hope this Valentine’s Day finds you all well. Today’s piece is my first attempt to paint a creature. I was attracted to painting this from the wonderful varieties of colou…

Winding River- Oil on Slate 67 cm x 38 cm Irish Art, Bob Ross, Slate, Flow, Mad, River, Painting, Chalkboard, Painting Art

Go with the flow

Hi, Today’s painting is a Bob Ross technique of wet-on-wet oil on slate. Although I started painting on slate through necessity I now find thatI prefer it. Canvas is a relatively smooth sur…

Wild Woods Oil on Canvas 60 cm x 51 cm Wood Oil, Irish Art, Greatest Adventure, Wander, Fine Art America, Oil On Canvas, Woods, Northern Lights, Explore
WanderFine Art America

If You Go Down to the Woods Today…..

Hi Everyone, Today, a walk in the forest! The idea of wandering off into the woods on some great adventure with a hint of danger, brings me back to the world of childhood memories. I grew up in an …

St Anger, Batik 62 cm x 62 cm St Anger, Irish Art, Mad, Artist, Artists
St AngerMadArtists

St. Anger – The Artist’s Pain Chronicles

My name is Paul and I am a 42 year old artist with a disability. I have fibromyalgia and have lived with chronic pain for 12 years. A writer asked me a few days ago “How do you manage and cop…

"Mirror Image" Hand Carved Slate on Mirror 38 cm x 24 cm Irish Art, Mirror Image, Tribal Art, Slate, Hand Carved, Mad, Carving, Chalkboard, Wood Carvings
Tribal ArtSlateMadChalkboard

Here’s Looking at you – Mirror Image

Hi, hope you like today’s piece. I’ve always liked tribal art and these fella’s were irresistible! I’m keeping today’s blog short as am writing a piece about chronic p…

Skyclad Hand Carved Slate 76 cm x 51 cm Slate Art, Irish Art, The Rock, Body Painting, Hand Carved, Celtic, Ireland, Carving, Sky
The Rock

Too Hot for Pants!

Hi, this piece is perfect for today where the sun continues to split the rocks here in Ireland. It’s called “Skyclad” meaning to wear nothing but the sky. Celts fought in battle n…

"Let the Cage Bird Sing" Oil on Canvas 46 cm x 35 cm The Caged Bird Sings, Irish Art, Weird Stories, White Paints, Fine Art America, Oil On Canvas, Singing, Let It Be, Black And White
The Caged Bird SingsFine Art AmericaSingingLet It Be

Let the Caged Bird Sing

Hi, Hope your enjoying the weather – there’s a heat wave over here in Ireland at the moment. Today’s painting has a bit of a weird story story behind it. The fibromyalgia has bee…

Lost Oil on Canvas Irish Art, Fine Art America, Mystic, Oil On Canvas, Mad, Lost, Painting, Beautiful, Painted Canvas
Fine Art AmericaMysticMadLostPaintingBeautiful

Old Ways of Walking

Hi Everyone, Today’s piece is titled “Lost”. It is an oil on canvas and was using Bob Ross wet-on-wet technique. I painted this whilst living in a beautiful part of Co. Roscommon…

Abstact 5 Oil on Board cm x 18 cm Irish Art, Fine Art America, Blues, Oil, Abstract, Board, Artwork, Painting, Summary
Fine Art AmericaPainting

Playing the Blues

Hi, Hope you are having a good weekend. Today’s painting was created using a very limited palette of only 4 colours (good for a very limited budget!). There was no real plan in mind, I just b…

Now Handcrafted Slate on Mirror 73 cm x 43 cm Irish Art, Slate, Mad, Take That, In This Moment, Mirror, Chalkboard, Mirrors

They Can’t Take that Away from Me…

Hi All, Today’s not the best as far as the pain of fibromyalgia is concerned. It’s definitely one of those time’s I am sick of being sick! So I have chosen today’s piece …