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In my experience there’s not much that can’t be fixed by a decent cup of tea.

Louisa 'Lou' Clark
Must-have tea accessories for the tea lover in your life.

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Nothing helps beat cold weather like a warm cup of tea. These fun accessories are sure to brighten up even the dreariest of winter days.

Life if like a cup of tea... it's all in how you make it.

30 Best Motivational Quotes and Typography Design inspiration

Motivational Quotes: Everyone needs a little bit of push to move up the success ladder, so here we present you amazing motivational poster designs which is sure to boost your confidence. Here is a

Nothing like being surrounded by friends, family, and tea.

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Nothing like being surrounded by friends, family, and tea.

Perfectly crafted tea quotes.

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Ginger tea recipe using ginger root.

Ginger Root Tea Recipe To Boost Metabolism

Ginger root tea recipe to help boost metabolism. Includes easy to follow recipe using ginger root to create a soothing, metabolism boosting tea with lemon.

Tea is the key to happiness.

8 Delicious Examples of Food Typography - DuoParadigms Public Relations & Design, Inc.

Tea is the key to happiness.

Gifts all tea lovers need in their lives.

27 Items All Tea Lovers Need In Their Lives

Because it's always 4 o'clock somewhere!

Books and tea, a beautiful combination.

PRINT: Tea Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page

6" x 9" Print of Original, Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page This drawing of tea in a tea cup is drawn in sepia ink and created with pastel and colored pencils on a distressed page from a dictionary that includes the definition "tea." It also includes some actual tea stains. Unlike similar prints available from other artists, this image was drawn directly on a page from a repurposed, rescued book. This is a digital print of the original artwork. The original artwork may…

Peach cookies with homemade peach jam for filling.

Peach Cookies {That Look Like a Real Peach!} - Cooking Classy

I love when I can combine art and food because I've always been so passionate about each of them. These cookies are the perfect combination of both. And

DIY Tea Blends - Five herbs, flowers and fruits that make infinite new blends!

DIY Tea Blends - 5 Ways - Country Cleaver

Blend your own teas with herbs from your own garden or fruits from your own kitchen. The flavors are superior and you can’t go wrong with homemade! Dish Count :: 1 Baking Sheet, 1 Mixing Bowl, Several Small Jars Growing up one of my fondest memories was my mom and I having a cup of […]

Gourmet polka dot teapot cookies to match your adorable teapot. | Express Your Creativity!

Even if you don't drink Earl Grey — or any other kind of tea — these adorable teapot cookies are perfect for baby and bridal showers, Mother's Day, or just a run-of-the-mill Saturday afternoon. They'll be just as fun to make as they are to eat!

Earl grey tea tarts with dried flowers for a garnish.

Earl Grey panna cotta tarts infused with tea

4 reviews
65 minutes

These little Earl Grey panna cotta tarts are made with a sweet almond crust and decorated with dried rose petals and dried cornflowers, served with honeycomb. The Earl Grey panna cotta is infused with loose-leaf Earl Grey tea for a gorgeous simple dessert

Lavender Chai tea.


Lavender Chai Tea Concentrate is naturally sweetened and simmered with a variety of warming spices for a delicious tea served warm or chilled over ice!