"The Little Red Hen" | MeeGenius

The Little Red Hen (An Old Folk Tale) on MeeGenius, a site that has free and paid ebooks for kids (classic and new). Automatic word highlighting accompanies the audio narration of each book.

"The Boy Who Cried Wolf" | MeeGenius

Don't mind me, just breaking the circle jerk

"Brer Rabbit Tricks Fox and Bear" | MeeGenius

Check out best selling children's author Hans Wilhelm's "Brer Rabbit Tricks Fox and Bear". Complete with word highlighting and narrated by Hans himself!

"The Three Little Pigs" | MeeGenius

Free books for teachers and students. Books are for primary students. After listening to the book, kindergarteners could draw their favorite part of the book.

"Hansel and Gretel" | MeeGenius

"Hansel and Gretel"

"Cinderella Zelda" | MeeGenius

The only kids' eBook subscription service that offers thousands of high-quality books from well known publishers like HarperCollins, National Geographic and others.