MHBD's Blog: Lost

Why is this ink sketch called lost? Because summer is lost Because my flowers look lost Because the background is lost Because I fee.

MHBD's Blog: Hungry

I'm skipping the odd day in InkTober, but overall, I'm trying to stick to it - just 10 minutes every day.

MHBD's Blog: InkTober 1

I would be much happier to have InkTober in February, when life is not quite so busy.

MHBD's Blog: Foundations Lesson 4 Constructing Volumes

It's a couple of weeks since I got a chance to work further on my assignments for this online course. We're now getting into the more techn.

MHBD's Blog: 008 - Draw your art supplies

I extended the brief of this one to drawing a full corner of my art room. And what is it shouting out at me? DE-CLUTTER ME! It will be ano.

MHBD's Blog: 003 - pile of laundry

003 - pile of laundry

MHBD's Blog: 002 - glass of water

002 - glass of water

MHBD's Blog: Drive

I was able to drive for the first time in two months!

MHBD's Blog: Dyson

Quite a challenging object (to draw, that is), this little Dyson vacuum cleaner!

MHBD's Blog: Box

MHBD's Blog: Box