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Quick note: do not use "we" in a formal essay! it's a personal pronoun<< who tf is using this for a formal essay Book Writing Tips, Creative Writing Prompts, Writing Words, Writing Help, Writing Skills, Writing Ideas, Writing Prompts Funny, Dialogue Prompts, Story Prompts

"I promised didn't I?" he whispered. "I wish you didn't" she answered, watching him let out his last breath. -> Make readers happy...?

these are SENTENCE STARTER writing prompts. Perhaps yandere. Note to future self: be careful with these prompts. Book Writing Tips, Creative Writing Prompts, Writing Help, Writing Ideas, Romantic Writing Prompts, Writing Workshop, Writing Lists, Otp Prompts, Dialogue Prompts

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TRIGGER WARNING: i thought these prompts could be used in showing the success stories of surviving abusive partners. i do not approve of mental and physical abuse in any circumstances. i’m so sorry if this put someone in a dark place for a while and deeply apologize. please contact me if you would like me to take this down. -writing is my passion

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And you say this is specially for ace/aro characters because...? Those who want to have sex can do these same things.