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If you really think about it this is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The movie sounded interesting and like something i would watch. And then i saw Finding Nemo. Still love that movie just bc it is a classic but had a different type of movie in mind that is for sure.

Grumpy Cat as Disney Princesses Is the New End of the Internet

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Time To Vacuum the Lawn in a Fur Coat - WTF: What the heck is going on here? Does this woman know where the heck she is? She's in a fur coat and vacuuming the l


A combination of two favorites, you'll use this creamy, not too sweet frosting for much more than topping cakes. Replaced sugar with cup Pyure.

This simply incredible Banana Nutella Trifle recipe includes nutella cream, bananas, oreos and whipped cream... in other words, it's heaven in a glass!

best dessert recipes, white chocolate dessert recipes, best holiday dessert recipes - This simply INCREDIBLE layered dessert includes Nutella, bananas, oreos and whipped cream. what more could you dream of?

nike roshe run #fitspo

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I introduced the vacuum to my 2 labs as puppies. I can just vacuum around one lab. Go figure ❤️


Peanut Butter Fudge Cake is a must for fans of chocolate and peanut butter. Such a crowd-pleaser! ~*~ I'm not a peanut butter lover but my dad (not a peanut butter or cake lover) said it was delicious! Very simple and easy to make.

Chocolate mousse cake. Amazing looking dessert with great tutorial. So much fun to make and serve too!

love me some chocolate mousse Chocolate mousse cake: chocolate cake, crisp, dark chocolate mousse, white chocolate mousse, chocolate glaze.

And another reason why women live longer than men. More like ding dong ditch level stupid.

Chocolate Craving Cake

9 in round pan. Chocolate cravings cannot be ignored! This perfectly proportioned cake will definitely satisfy every single craving.