Free Word Search Creation Tool for Teachers

Free interactive wordsearch creation tool from teachers-direct Wow - just the right thing for making kc word searches :) - introduction video

Brainstorm and mind map on line. It lets you quickly create custom bubble mind maps and share them with colleagues for further refining.

Word Machines

Starfall Word Machines ~ this website is such a great resource for Kindergarten literacy. I am using these videos to help my kids learn to blend (sound out) cvc words.

Quick AAC Photo Cards

Quick AAC Photo Cards--they really are FAST to make! This is my go-to when I don't have Boardmaker at hand.

Onset and Rime Tiles

Onset and Rime Tiles ⋆ Adaptable Print Resource ⋆ Creative Commons Teaching Materials

Every School Home

Free Interactive Primary science or Elementary Key Stage 2 Science for kids teacher resources. Science Games for kids, Learning science in a fun way.

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