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Declan McKenna - What Do You Think About The Car Vinyl 889854119218 for sale online Harry Styles Album Cover, Cool Album Covers, Music Album Covers, Music Albums, Room Posters, Poster Wall, Poster Prints, Band Posters, Music Posters

"Mind" - Declan McKenna

A song tackling loneliness, substance abuse and messy parties. "#Mind" recalls #Declan #McKenna's drunken, confused sixteen-year-old self during a friend's Halloween party. "That's not really who I am," McKenna proclaims, as lowering inhibitions are to blame for not thinking straight. "Why'd you keep changing your mind

Jonas Brothers discharges one more single titled 'Cool'. They had the world back on Team Jonas with their rejoining single, "Sucker". Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas, Chris Isaak, Alexandra Stan, Diana Krall, Christina Perri, Cyndi Lauper, Cher Lloyd, Calvin Harris

"Cool" - Jonas Brothers

The 2000s teen heartthrobs have returned and each one is rocking a pair of shades and a Hawaiian shirt, ready for beach parties, fancy cocktails, luxury cruises and all things fun in the sun. Making up for their track's short duration, spanning at about two and a half minutes, the #Jonas #Brothers have arranged "#Cool"

Track of the Week: Ansel Elgort - "Supernova" Ansel Elgort, Complicated Relationship, Star Sky, The Fault In Our Stars, Serenity, Rap, It Hurts, Acting, Teen

Ansel Elgort - "Supernova"

Once #Spotify randomly selected “Supernova” by #Ansel #Elgort, I was immediately hooked. Initially, I only recognized Elgort as the charming male protagonist from the popular teen film The Fault in Our Stars. Finding out that Elgort also rapped absolutely doubled my liking towards him. The story-line throughout the son

Tame Impala Psychedelic Rock Currents Poster Music Album Cover Art Silk Print home Decor - Size Tame Impala, Cool Album Covers, Music Album Covers, Psychedelic Rock, Album Design, Photo Wall Collage, Picture Wall, Conception Album, Cover Art

"Cause I'm A Man" - Tame Impala

Rewinding back to my senior year in high school, #Tame #Impala stepped into my life through the #MuchMusic channel and presented a bizarre music video assembled with #puppets. At the time, I viewed them as the Bee Gees on LSD surrounding themselves with #psychedelic whirs, twinkles and blurs. "Cause I'm A Man" follows

Song "Bad Guy" ukulele chords and tabs by Billie Eilish. Free and guaranteed quality tablature with ukulele chord charts, transposer and auto scroller. Icons Tumblr, Art Tumblr, Six Feet Under, Wallpaper Collage, Cartoon Wallpaper, Wall Collage, Music Wallpaper, Music Album Covers, Music Albums

Billie Eilish - "bury a friend"

*Knock knock knock* “Billie…” A call-and-response between #Billie #Eilish and the #monster (voiced by #Crooks, a London-based Soundcloud rapper) under her bed ensues. With a low and seemingly disembodied voice that belongs in #dark caves, Eilish sets up nightmarish sequences of stepping on glass and stapling your tongu

Track of the Week: "Flicker" by Madison Galloway Tambourine, Blues, Track, Fashion, Moda, Runway, Fashion Styles, Truck, Track And Field

"Flicker" - Madison Galloway

"The flames they... flicker [pause, insert unexpected rattlesnake-sounding tambourine]." Browsing across Facebook, I was fortunate to find #Madison #Galloway, a petite starlette harvesting a serene #earthy #rock and #blues tone that intrigued my ears and calmed my spirit. Her track "#Flicker" explores the outdoor atmos

Track of the Week: "On My Way to Mexico" by The Dylan Harris Network Human Emotions, My Way, Lyrics, Track, It Cast, Songs, Music Lyrics, Runway, Truck

"On My Way to Mexico" - The Dylan Harris Network

Eureka! I discovered the rare gem that is The #Dylan #Harris #Network, a local #Canadiana band based from Burlington, Ontario, amidst scavenging through my mother's old cassette tapes. Inspired by the likes of #Gordon #Lightfoot and #The #Tragically #Hip, The Dylan Harris Network delicately chimes in and captures your

  Country Rap, Country Singers, Country Music, Billy Ray Cyrus, My Horse, Old Town, Hip Hop, Track, Old City

"Old Town Road" [Remix] - Lil Nas X feat. Billy Ray Cyrus

"I'm gonna take my horse to the old town road / I'm gonna ride 'til I can't no more." I'm gonna write and hype this single 'til I grow old, I'm gonna do this since they deserve it. Lil Nas X made the right choice in featuring #Billy #Ray #Cyrus on this country-rap track, the established country singer responsible for h

Little Mix - Little Me - Single [iTunes Plus] Little Mix, Lonely Girl, Make A Person, Best Self, Ten, Live Music, Itunes, Girl Group, Music Videos

"Little Me" - Little Mix

The British girl group #Little #Mix launches this confidence-building single to empower young girls across the globe. "Little Me," a song from their album Salute, vocalizes the need to develop better self-esteem. Thankfully, time does help in that department through experience which can make a person wiser. With a clos

Track of the Week: "Satellite" by Kiss Kiss Solid Black Background, Sparklers, Album Covers, Indie, Illustration, Track, Runway, Party Sparklers

"Satellite" - Kiss Kiss

Remember last Friday's songwriting tip post and some of our 'role models'? Surprise! Here's one of them which we're about to unfold…. "Satellite" originates from Kiss Kiss's album Reality vs The Optimist designed with an #underground #indie #rock album cover seemingly illustrating a sparkler smacked against a solid bla

Ritchie Valens (Richard Steven Valenzuela) poses for his famous album cover session in July 1958 in Los Angeles, California. Ritchie Valens La Bamba, Famous Album Covers, Joe Louis, Today In History, Buddy Holly, Malcolm X, True Romance, I Love Girls, Golden Girls

"Donna" - Ritchie Valens

I'm a sappy hopeful #romantic falling utterly in love with a song whose name being addressed is, depressingly, not my own. Heck, I'd give my left kidney to be somebody's #Donna. #Ritchie #Valens, 1950's American-Mexican singer, happens to be the musical genius behind this starry hit. His gentle yet aching voice has the

Track of the Week: Adam Lambert - "Feel Something" Feeling Empty, Feeling Loved, Music Hits, Music Songs, Lost Connection, Game Start, Music Promotion, Proud Of Me, Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert - "Feel Something"

“Wanna feel something”? Look no further, #Adam #Lambert alongside co-writers #Benedict #Cork and #Josh #Cumbee have formulated a song that doubles as a soul-searching journey. Lambert reveals his #mental #health struggles by first composing a message via Twitter, stating: “I love making and performing music, but there