Triona Murphy

Triona Murphy

Hello :D I'm Triona... So I suppose this is the part where I try to convince you to follow me is it? Well ya know, no pressure people!! I do have great taste in
Triona Murphy
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Coolest pin everrrrr...

Do You love the color of the Sky? Coolest pin ever. Thus actually made me smile more and more as I scrolled down because I have said this so many times when people ask me my favorite color :D


Sherloki and Hiddlebatch. I'm pinning this soley for the phrase "made of unicorn smiles and butterfly milk" Obviously, I could have named my board 'Hiddlebatch' but I didn't, purely for the sass of Sherloki. Love it!

My Cuppa Tea Color Matching Mug

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I normally hate these things but you can't not repin it

I know this isn't funny, but this is my most popular board. Post this to your most popular board!

The old Disney channel. I think we all miss it.

"The old Disney channel. I think we all miss it." — I consider the bottom left (Hannah Montana and Suite Life) getting into new Disney Channel territory, but otherwise, yes. *nostalgic sigh* That channel seems so dumb these days.

lol love tom hiddleston

hahahahahaha Have you ever noticed that one side of Tom Hiddleston's face always looks really intense and strong and the other side looks really innocent and sorrowful? (I'm gonna kill your family. with ice-cream and flowers.