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A good guide to growing mimosa pudica (or the sensitive plant) from seeds.

Recently I was contacted by a gentleman named Larry about my Mimosa pudica plant, (I call her Miss Mimosa). Mimosas are nicknamed Sensitive plants because their leaves close when you touch them, an…

Gotta have a great landing page to nurture and convert all that traffic your business is driving via social media.

An infographic from Invesp with 16 steps on how to create effective landing pages and apply best practices to landing page optimization.

5 Must-Have Drill Attachments

5 Must-Have Drill Attachments Make your drill do more than drill holes. These five drill attachments are problem solvers and timesavers. Plus, they will work with cordless or corded drills.

Log cabin dog house

Are you a dog owner? Wooden dog houses are excellent because they are sturdy, provide great prot…