Elephant Quote Poster / Print for Baby's Nursery

"My heart." Elephant Quote Poster Print for Baby's by silentlyscreaming this(This is for my son tobin)

beautiful autism awareness logo

Love, love, love this idea for an Autism Awareness tattoo. Add a small puzzle piece to tree of life.


Autism Mother autism mother, not all super heroes wear capes. love this quote for all super moms of children with Autism.


This quote speaks to my heart! My sweet mom has had 14 strokes.she has verbal aphasa apraxia (sp? She can no longer talk but she does understand after you explain several times. Like autism.she's trapped inside herself.

Autism #autism

He is not a brat. He does not deserve to be called names and judged my his own grandparent. What a cruel person!

Autism "Awareness" - Ten Things You Should Know

This newly diagnosed aspie shares with us his perspective on awareness. In this video, Elijah John Kihlstadius presents 10 things he believe.