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Cow Cubicles – What Are Your Mounting Options

Cow Cubicles by O' Donovan Engineering

Cow Cubicles by O'Donovan Engineering your winter housing experts, we have the solutions to make your farm work for you. Custom manufacturing

Lambing Season 2020 See link to find out more

Lambing Season 2020 - O' Donovan Engineering Sheep Housing

Hygiene is key at lambing season. Keeping the lambing pens and equipment clean is vital to prevent the spread of infection from a ewe and her lambs

Calving season 2020 see link for more

Calving season 2020 - O' Donovan Engineering

Calving season 2020 is upon us. A well laid out and safe calving facilities are key to easing the pressure during calving season.

Calf Investment Scheme (CIS Guide)  see link for more

Calf Investment Scheme

Calf Investment Scheme. The overall scheme budget is €1.5m. A 40% grant aid will apply up to €7500. Max grant aid per applicant of €3000

Are You Winter Ready?

Are You Winter Ready?

Are You Winter Ready? With 40 years’ experience, we have the solutions to make your farm work for you! O'Donovan Engineering Your Winter Housing Experts

Livestock housing Cubicles, Barriers, Drinkers & More

Cubicles, Barriers, Drinkers & All your livestock housing needs - O' Donovan Engineering

O’Donovan Engineering specialises in the design and manufacture of quality, innovative livestock housing and handling equipment.

Feed Barriers

Feed Barriers - O' Donovan Engineering Fixed or Hinged Barriers

Feed Barriers, Options: standard diagonal feed barrier, the crest barrier, self-locking stall, ultra-safe self-locking stalls and our CowPow moving barrier

Aquamat Pasture Pump

Aquamat Pasture Pump - O' Donovan Engineering

The Aquamat pasture pump ensures that your animals have a constant supply of fresh water.The Aquamat is reliable and sturdy.

CowPow Moving Feed Barrier – Adlib Feeding

CowPow Moving Feed Barrier - Adlib Feeding - O' Donovan Engineering

CowPow Moving Feed Barrier is an O'Donovan Engineering patented product, designed and manufacture here in Coachford Co. Cork

Autumn Calving Management: Top Tips for Calf Layouts

Autumn Calving Management: Top Tips for Calf Layouts - O' Donovan Engineering

Autumn Calving is almost upon us. A decision many farmers face during any calving period is the ratio of Group Calving […]

EID Readers and Tags

EID Readers and Tags - O' Donovan Engineering

EID Readers and Tags, animal can be easily identified by scanning the tag with a reader, rather than needing to read a visual tag number

Mineral Lick Bucket Stand

Mineral Lick Bucket Stand - O' Donovan Engineering

Our mineral lick bucket stand protects mineral licks from unwanted guests such as badgers and vermin to prevent the lick from passing on TB

BEEP Scheme

BEEP Scheme - O' Donovan Engineering

The Beef Environmental Efficiency Pilot (BEEP Scheme) will target the weaning efficiency of suckler cows closing date 22 februery 2019

O’Donovan Engineering Handling Facilities

Handling Facilities - O'Donovan Engineering

Handling facilities with strength, safety and durability, the name O'Donovan Engineering is as good as a Quality Garrently.

Prattley Sheep Drafting

Prattley Sheep Drafting - O' Donovan Engineering Sheep Handling

O’ Donovan Engineering are the exclusive Irish Agents for Prattley Sheep drafting, Yards and handling equipment. Farm Smarter Not Harder

O’Donovan Engineering Open Day 19th July 3pm-9pm

O'Donovan Engineering Open Day 19th July

O'Donovan Engineering Open Day 19th July 3pm-9pm Coachford Co.Cork P12 Cx67