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Olive Brannigan

Olive Brannigan
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Lovely staircase idea-greens on the bottom..very cute~

LOVE THIS! Style your stairway with beautifully decorated garland at the base around the spindles instead of the normal railing dressing. The result is stunning and you can actually hold onto the railing while on the stairs – functional and safe!

Remove eye makeup." Aloe Vera is so gentle but has tons of healing benefits for your skin!:

Aloe vera as skin care. What are the aloe vera benefits for your face? Learn the various aloe vera skin benefits and find out of this natural remedy is right for you.

Finding Financial Peace. How to save $1000 in a year.

This is a great share from a friend of mine and I wanted to add it to my growing list of savings plans: With the new year coming, lots of people will make some resolutions to save money. I hope tha…