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BoE governor Carney is an EU federalist | Wants economic growth (or would inflation do?)

BoE governor Carney is an EU federalist

Germany profited by €41 billion on Euro crisis – report | Does austerity have its rewards?

Germany profited to the tune of billion on EZ crisis – report

Euro up on possible Greek breakthrough | The OmiCronFX commentary will take holidays next week

The EURUSD pair got a nice pop at the tail end of the US and during the Asian session last night on the news that came through about Gree.

Tsipras lambasted in the European Parliament | FOMC minutes show little appetite for rate rises

There was a hard hitting speech from the Belgian MEP Guy Verhofstadt at a plenary session of the European Parliament yesterday.

Euro – dollar: ‘Greek Gap’ support holds | Makes for a strong exchange rate support level

At the start of trading for this week and last, the EURUSD pair has gapped down on news out of or concerning Greece and its tortuous nego.

Oil price through the floor on Iran talks | Low oil is bad for the Euro

While we have been focussed on developments in Greece, another negotiation drama has been playing out between the US and Iran, over a .

Where now for the Euro? | Greek bargaining power is still constrained

One good thing about the result of the Greek referendum yesterday (Sunday) is that it was conclusive. The reigning government is now more.

June US nonfarm payrolls exceed 200k | …but dollar is bid down anyway

The official US Nonfarm Payrolls report yesterday came in at new jobs in the month of June. This means that the indicator is maintai.

All systems go for the US dollar | …but beware 4th of July holiday trader adjustments

While it does not always correctly predict the outcome of the official Non-Farm Payroll figures released by the US Bureau of Labor Statis.

Missed IMF payment is not a default for Greece | But ECB bonds are a different story

So, Greece has missed its scheduled payment to the IMF, which should have been made before the close of business yesterday, and was not.