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Paige Comerford

Paige Comerford
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@Janelle Curry Ditta which of the following are you eating that makes your boobs grow?!!!! LOL!!!!!

Women who are wishing for a more curvy body shape with enhanced bust could try the natural way. This graph presents how females can gain a better control of estrogen and testosterone and achieve breast enhancement by fine tuning their nutrition habits.


Beautiful dramatic evening eye makeup idea for brown eyes finished with a pair of real mink eyelashes. CAUTION: avoid mascara on real mink eyelashes as to prolong their life span.

T.L.L.L  There is no such thing as an insignificant day, only a day that has not been seized.

this is where i was heading two years ago. i have felt this way for awhile. I must carry on.

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Born there, but haven't been back in a long time. Spent Christmas time in NYC when I was in my was place I'd rather be, (than with my daughter, and my 2 year old grandson). Hope to take them to NYC for Christmas one year.