Tuesday Tips

Photo and video knitting tutorials from my "Tuesday Tips" blog posts. Follow for interesting how-tos and tricks.
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Keeping Track of Cast on

It this Tuesday Tip I'll take on the 3 elements that bug me the most with long tail cast on: yarn estimation, untwisting yarn, and keep track of cast on!

How to do a Chimney Graft

Tuesday Tip: Chimney Graft This has to be the BEST thing I've seen on joining knit pieces together! I can't figure out the Kitchner Stitch to save my life!

that's right, GAUGE. See I'm not scared of you, I'll say it again (gauge). Today we'll reveal 5 secrets of stitch gauge.

Tuesday Tip - How to measure armhole depth

Nothing makes a sweater more uncomfortable or sloppy looking than the wrong armhole depth. Today's Tuesday tip is how to measure armhole depth.

How to Block a Gauge Swatch: Find out on my blog! Useful for knitters (and crocheters) of all skill levels.

How to block a gauge swatch. Why your unblocked gauge swatch can lie to you. When you need to understand what a "hung gauge" is all about.

Gauge swatch Cast On

A too tight cast on and bind off is one of the many ways our gauge swatch can LIE to us. In this month's Tuesday Tip learn my Gauge swatch cast on!

Tuesday Tip - How to Measure Without A Ruler - Patty Lyons

CLIP DE TAIL -- Finishing can make or break your project. In our continuing series on weaving in ends, we turn our attention to how to clip the tail.

Weaving in Ends - skimming

Tuesday Tip: Weaving In Ends Skimming - Patty Lyons

5 secrets of row gauge

Ah row gauge. Explore the 5 secrets of row gauge, and never be a bad sweater victim again!

How to Fix a Hole in Knitting

Tuesday Tip - How to Fix a Hole In Your Knitting - Patty Lyons

Tuesday Tip: Needle Felted Join. Discover a way to splice in a new ball when it's NOT an animal fiber!

Tuesday Tip - Needle Felted Join - Patty Lyons

Tuesday Tip - How to Wind a Center Pull Ball of Yarn - Patty Lyons