Susa in use for a restaurant in the Vyšehrad neighbourhood in Prague.

Gothic 821 & Helvetica Condensed!

Gothic 821 in use. Comes in a single Condensed style only.

Kabel Black & ICT Avant Garde Gothic <3 <3

ITC Kabel (revival of 1927 typeface designed by Rudolf Koch).


Released on the occasion of Merete Vyff Slyngborg’s solo show at the Grimmuseum in Berlin, curated by Mette Woller. The publication contains a series of texts and interviews together with installation shots from the exhibtion.


Robert Kalina of Vienna won the competition to design the original 2002 series of euro banknotes. Reinhold Gerstetter of Berlin was selected to refresh the design in

Times Gothic!

New Dimensions The American Jazz Ensemble


Reproduction of a letterpress monoprint made by Claudio Rocha at Oficina Tipográfica São Paulo, 2012

Falster Grotesk & Univers!

The idiosyncratic BC Falster Grotesk for big type, with the related but more reserved Univers for small text.