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Spartan Executive

Not a racer but, in my opinion.the Spartan Executive is the most beautiful airplane ever built [By prev.

Spartan. Coolest aircraft of its time. Always a classic...Art Deco design.

All These Jaw-Dropping Airplane Images Were Taken By This Flying Photog

Float plane - one of my favorite ways to travel

Cessna 208 Aero Twin 850 Caravan at Muncho Lake-Mile 462 Water Aerodrome in British Columbia, August The effect of the sunset is embellished by the presence of smoke from forest fires.

Soviet Air Force pilot Valentin Privalov flies his jet fighter under a bridge on the river Ob, in Siberia, June 4th, 1965.

Photo: Russian stunt pilot Valentin Privalov flying under the central span the bridge over river Ob (June 1965 )

XB70 Valkyrie -- beautiful -- I think they made 3 of these and crashed 2 of them. The remaining one is at the Air Force Museum in Ohio.

North American Aviation Valkyrie, Powered by six engines, the Valkyrie could fly at feet at Mach which put it far from the reach Soviet fighter jets at the time.

1942 North American P-51 Mustang

North American Aviation Mustang on display during an airshow at Petaluma-Municipal, November (Photo: Roger Minkow)