Ha'penny bridge over the river Liffey 1961

Ha'penny Bridge over the River Liffey Dublin city, looking North towards Lower Liffey Street -


A ramble back in time to the days when children would safely play each day on the streets of Dublin.acting out the parts of movie heroes and villians alik.

O'Connell Bridge

Wonderful Color Photographs of Dublin: In American photographer Charles Cushman visited Ireland & captured wonderful photos of its capital, Dublin, on color slides.

O'Connell Street 1974

O'Connell Street, Dublin -in the background is the confectioners hall, is this 'the' lemons sweet shop where auntie Daisy worked?



Gigs Place

Gigs Place


General Post Office - Look up, and realize how amazing the leaders of the Easter Rebellion meant for their speeches to be. If you're visiting the jail, do stop by here first, so you can see where the story started.


Some boys having a fine time inspecting proceedings as a barge makes its way through a lock on the Grand Canal at Portobello, Dublin. barge, serial no.


A quaint old photo of a Dublin garage complete with Renault


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