Se do Bheatha a Mhuire - Hail Mary (in Irish)Paidreacha as Gaeilger nAthair (Our Father) Also Available!- Display in Sacred Space- Whole-School Display/ Assembly- Product is A4, Can be Blown up to A3

Se do Bheatha a Mhuire - Hail Mary (in Irish) Paidreacha as Gaeilge Ár nAthair (Our Father) Also Available! - Display in Sacred Space - Whole-School Display& Assembly - Product is Can be Blown up to


An ghaeilge essay essay an ghaeilge, how the fuck am i supposed to write an essay proving christopher columbus was a good guy even though he conducted genocides?

líne eadaí

Junior Infants are learning Irish. Last month we learned how to talk about our clothes or our Eadaí. We know sciorta, geansai, stocai, bro.

Seanfhocail (Gaeilge) Irish Proverbs Poster Set

Seanfhocail (Gaeilge) Irish Proverbs Poster Set

5th Class, Irish Proverbs, Irish Language, Irish Pride, Classroom Fun, Scotland, Ireland, Irish People, Irish

Gaeilge sa Seomra Ranga - flashcards

Gaeilge sa Seomra Ranga - Irish in the Classroom - flashcards

irish grammar - irregular verbs - na briathra neamhrialta

Na Briathra Neamhrialta - Irregular Irish Verbs

A chart of all irregular irish verbs - stem, aims chaite, aimsir láithreach and aims fháistineach.


Chidren cut along dotted lines and paste into copybook. Write under each flap. Younger classes could draw under each flap and label pictures.

Four fun posters to display in your classroom to encourage good manners both in english and irish by using the 'super words'. The font I used doesn't have a fada so I will put them on with sharpie when printed.


A simple poster to remind students how to ask permission to go to the bathroom as gaeilge. Please rate :)