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Constructivism Color Scheme

Russian Constructivism Color Scheme, not sure on acruacy but looks about right

Title:クラースヌィ・オクチャーブリ(赤い十月)社のキャラメル「ナーシャ・インダストリヤ(我々の工業)」パッケージ・デザイン  Box Design “Our Industry” Caramels From “Red October” Factory  Красный Октябрь карамель Наша Индустрия  Artist:アレクサンドル・ロトチェンコ/テキスト:ニコライ・アセーフ  Aleksander Rodchenko/Text by Nikolay Asev (Aseyev, Aseiev)  Александр Родченко/текст Владимир Маяковский

Aleksandr Rodchenko and Vladimir Mayakovsky, Box for Our Industry caramels, 1923 ✭ packaging

Each poster is printed on high-quality coated white paper and measures 42 x 30 cm.

英国艺术家Arthur Buxton对文森特·梵高的28幅画作所作的色彩分析,提取出了梵高最钟情的颜色

Pattern/Design/Art/Illustration/inspiration Arthur Buxton's set of Van Gogh pie-charts; each one represents the color-distribution in a famous Van Gogh painting

Damien Tran   Organic Screenprints | graphics

Damien Tran - Organic Screenprints

Beautiful screenprinted posters here from the prolific Frenchman, Damien Tran. Each one is handmade, limited edition and produced on runs of usually less t