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If I could rent a time machine, I'd do three things. Solve the mystery of the Great Pyramids Find out who really killed JFK Go to this party and ask the redhead girl to slow dance.

This is how we REALLY dressed in the  late 1960's- shoes and all! These were the latest fashions. Most young women that wore hose had to wear a garter belt to hold them up- pantyhose didn't reach the U.S. until 1969.

Join in the festivities starting at with Easter crafts for all ages. Wear your Easter Bonnet. "Sweetpeas" is starting our Community Family Picture Board. Whimsical hats and dress-ups will be available!

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Minnie, Inez, second cousin Bernice and grandma after their pre Thanksgiving trip to the beauty shop.

Ces coiffures gonflées pour femmes des années 60 2Tout2Rien

In the there was one hair motto: “bigger is better!” Some were really able to pull off the big hair like Dolly Parton, Priscilla Pres.

New Year's Eve COOL photo. Funny things do haven during New year evenings don't they?

Her glasses, the brooch, her cigarette (smoking in the photo booth!), his little naval-themed shirt. Her face, his face. You just know that little boy ...

This is fabulous on so many levels. Her glasses,...

Lucienne et Raymonde, mes cousines .. Elles ne mettaient jamais leurs casque pour faire du vélomoteur !!

The twins weren't convinced a motel room was the best place for a photo shoot but that big time Hollywood talent scout said all the right girls did it. Whatever that meant.

novocainelipstick: cryptofwrestling: Vintage cutie at car show…. That’s Ed “Big Daddy” Roth’s Road Agent (his first rear engine show car and it was completed back in and of course one of the Watson’s paint girls