Glamorous vintage-inspired greenhouse....yes please!

Glamorous vintage-inspired greenhouse

This Window-Filled (white) Garden Room "HAD ME AT" the Chandeliers and Flowers FROM: sun room decorating idea design 24

Carnet d'images et autres futilités jolies. " I love talking about nothing.

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My favorite movie set to date. This house is amazing and was just a set built specifically for the film.

Practical Magic the House the Cast a Spell! Conservatory!

Conservatory from the movie Practical Magic. I want one like this connecting to the kitchen and then leading out into the garden.

Sunday 22/12 + Monday 23/12...

SUNDAY 22/12 + MONDAY 23/12...

Could I do something similar to block the wind from the patio yet still be able to see the garden?

Inside Roozentangle's tiny glass house A diminutive conservatory, complete with awesome arched window.


Stained glass windows - this is really pretty. i really like stained glass windows. (stained glass windows are not always in a church;

Dream home

Dream home

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A freestanding greenhouse is just what it sounds like - a structure in your yard complete in itself.