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When you evaporate and condense water, the condensed water is 100% pure water. This means the purified water is completely safe to drink, as nasty chemicals and bugs do not evaporate with the water. The WaterCone is a very simple gadget that purifies water by the process of evaporation.

Use glass wine bottles with inner bottom cut out for smaller version of the same design. When you evaporate and condense water it becomes pure and is completely safe to drink. Nasty chemicals and bugs do not evaporate with the water.

Emergency Prep: Food and Water ~ How 2 mix bleach to water ratio for water purification  _ via http://sugarfreeglow.com/2014/02/emergency-prep-food-and-water/

Bleach to Water ratio for water purification. Put your 72 hour kit (Grab & Go) together now! In case of a natural disaster --

Amish Survival Secrets and How To Set Up A Sustainable Water Supply To Drink and Use

Amish Survival Secrets and How To Set Up A Sustainable Water Supply To Drink and UseAmish Survival Secrets specially with the recent Toledo, OH water crisis

We made them when I was a girl scout. Creating Water Proof Matches and other survival stuff, some more out there than others

Make Waterproof Matches

Creating water proof matches, survival biscuits, cotton ball fire starters, candle/cardboard stove and other survival tips for emergency preparedness.

That's what I'm talkin about!!  Planning on adding a rainwater irrigation system to our home!!!  Good for growing veggies without wasting water!!!

How to calculate how much water you can harvest from your roof: Collection area (total square footage of your roof) x x (the number assigned to the collection efficiency of a tile roof) x rainfall (in actual or averaged inches) = gallons/year.

Enjoy 100% clean water with Panasonic water purifier and stay healthy. Panasonic UV and Alkaline water purifier seems to be the best option for everyone. 7 stage of purification helps you to enjoy clean and pure water for a longer period of time. For more detail: - http://www.panasonic.com/in/consumer/home-appliances/water-purifier.html

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Homemade Clapp’s Water Filter Project - The Homestead Survival - Water Storage and Purification - Homesteading - Emergency Preparedness

Rainbarrels painted black to heat up both the water and the greenhouse. Probably only useful in temperate climates.

Could we store rain barrels in the greenhouse to keep them from freezing?These barrels collect water off the roof where it heats up warming the greenhouse in the winter. could heat a house too.

How To Purify Water - Survival Water Purification | Emergency Preparedness Tips & Tutorials On How To Make Your Own Clean Water By Survival Life http://survivallife.com/2014/02/28/how-to-purify-water-survival-water-purification/

These 5 ways to purify water are important to learn, and they could come in very handy during a disaster. //How To Purify Water - Survival Water Purification

Homemade Water Filter & Water Purifier / Berkey Water Filter.  This is Really cool and easy to make.  This is the easiest and cheapest way to have pure water during an emergency.  The buckets are cheap or free and you can get the purification elements and the spigot on this website for fairly cheap.  They say it is pure water for less than .02 per gallon.  I like it a lot!

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