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MAN !!!!

"Many INFJs are afraid of their dark side, feeling they may not be a good person deep down. When in truth, the fear of being a bad person is exactly what makes you a good one.

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and life goes on whether you want it or not so darling, please let the past be the pas there are brighter days ahead that will make you smile forever

This design is reminiscent of the scorched trees of the Deadvlei salt pan. This up-cycled bracelet is hand-carved from discarded water pipe. Designs are inspired by the animals, landscape, and rich hi

-- In the last episode of Boy Meets World, Mr. Feeney tells his students to "Do Good" Topanga Lawrence-Matthews: Don't you mean do well? George Feeny: No I mean do good. For Matt and Ruth :)

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Sometimes you're all you have Most times you're all you need You've got this! Some motivation to get you through the week.