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I hope all 5 of them stay as humble as they have been since the beginning. Fame can really change a person and I don't ever want them to change for the worst.


She said hey its alright does it makes you feel alive x Live x


Ugh he kills me ! His freakin smile . Dude look at him , I love he is absolutely perfect and ugh I just want to know him personally I feel like we would clique and have a connection as friends love you babe !

Yes please <3

Them eyes though. I heard his "good morning" in the Horny Morning contest on Giel in the Netherlands.

26 Male Celebs With Dimples That Will Melt Your Heart

26 Male Celebs With Dimples That Will Melt Your Heart

Read from the story Messages [Harry] by mesmereyes (Cazza) with reads. Amanda and Harry are in high school d.

What even is this, gah dont do this to me...... -tayloorbrooke24

Guess what . My tears are back .<<< his hair is probably the same length in both pics but in the newer pic the curls have just fallen lolololololololol


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