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Kaylee and the Doctor  When Fandoms collide.

Kaylee and the Doctor tinkering together. Doctor Who board or Firefly board?


Willy Wonka / Doctor Who theory. So can we have a Willy Wonka/Magic School Bus Xover where this final Doctor meets River/Frizzle?

Kaylee from Firefly as Amy Pond from Doctor Who on Supernatural. Yes. My reaction exactly.

Beth on

I THOUGHT SO! Granted, I wasn't a Whovian the last time I saw that episode, but I knew the name Amy Pond was related to Doctor Who. [Kaylee from Firefly as girl on Supernatural with Doctor Who alias.

How to choose your Haloween costume

Dorkly Comic: An Honest Guide to Cosplay in 7 Steps. Yeah, that's easier.

Superwho - demon doctor

34 Amazing Crossovers You Wish Were Real - It is horrible how my brain started whispering story ideas over Rose in SHIELD or the Boys having to exorcise the Doctor.

web2h:    this has got to be the cutest dr who cosplay ever!!!

Are You My Mommy?

[ This is so adorable! If we have a son, this would be a great cosplay idea. -Jen ] Doctor Who - Are You My Mummy? OMG If only I had a little boy I would have totally made my husband dress up as the doctor and him as that little boy!

Seriously this crossover is needed like seriously so..

Funny pictures about In a perfect universe I would get to watch this show. Oh, and cool pics about In a perfect universe I would get to watch this show. Also, In a perfect universe I would get to watch this show.

wholock by vforvictorya - sherlock meets the doctor

From a page titled "The Best, Worst, And Weirdest Doctor Who/Sherlock Crossover Fan Art", which, considering it includes both the Doctor Sherlock is awesome

Yes please!

The best thing I ever read was a Firefly/Doctor Who crossover.