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*does some other quiet thing* You can like tattoos and rock music and hair dye and still respect your parents and follow the rules.

My sister and I were just talking about that as we watched dan and Phil Games last night.

20 Photos To Help You Understand Engineers Better

20 Photos To Help You Understand Engineers Better trust me I'm an engineer life hack funny sarcastic sarcasm

I use both "no Problem" and "you're welcome", the former when I am thanked for doing something that I generally see as being expected of me in the first place. the latter, for something that I feel was not expected of me. <--As a new grocery store cashier, I agree with this.

As a cashier myself, this is so true. I say no problem all the time, and no one else has a problem. You sound just as nice when you say "no problem" vs. "youre welcome" ; Agreed, I say "No problem" to people all the time.

10 Fresh Memes Today!#3 Typical French People Fight Scene.

Struck with Wanderlust!

Struck with Wanderlust

This literally sums up my life right now! Twerkforcats really understands the true way to live life to the fullest!

This is so freaking true and it hurts me so much, as an aspiring artist.

I'm a sciencey person but I agree, I loved taking art and music classes because they were a break from the stress and allowed us to think creatively

I don’t talk to people first and then they think I don’t want to talk to them but really I just don’t want to annoy them

starting conversations <<< I have a friend (more like aquaintance) that sends a text asking "what are you doing" and then she replies to all of my texts with answers. She doesn't try to keep conversation going and it annoys me endlessly.

OK, it's one thing to say this about the gspot but the clitoris? That's some Backwoods shit right there

I took sex ed in Texas and the teacher told us that one in six condoms break. Wonder where that high teen pregnancy rate came from.


It wasn't until I took a Shakespeare class in college that I understood how many dick jokes existed in his plays