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Here are some of the most beautiful cities of the world as seen from a birds eye view. Here are some of the most beautiful cities of the world as seen from a birds eye view. Hong Kong E

Dallol - Hottest Place on Earth! Top 10 Unusual Landscapes http://www.toptenz.net/top-10-unusual-landscapes.php  Dallol, Ethiopia

Top 10 Unusual Landscapes

Afar Depression, Ethiopia, Africa - sulfur and algae turn hot springs into pools of living color. The water is condensation from hot gases rising from magma chambers. As the water evaporates, salts and minerals form a vivid crust.



Valleyfield - Montreal (Quebec - Canada)

This is College de Valleyfield in Quebec, Canada but it doesn’t look like the picture you see above. The image was modified by Frederic St-Arnaud, combining two pictures: one with the college, and another one with a waterfall crossed by a bridge.

Check out Dubai’s Amazing Cloud Scape!

City of Gold, cloud lands of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Shot from the floor of the Princess Tower. This is one of many places on my wish list to visit!

Paris, France Top View Drone Photography

Aerial view of the Arc de Triomphe, Paris. (Different views of famous landmarks with unexpected surroundings - mostly not too bad, but the wasteland around the Taj Mahal is pretty gross)

Long and winding roads (or paths as may be)

I heard you like roads

I heard you like roads~~~~~do you really~~~~~by the time you get to the end~~~~~you may never like roads. So look at Amazing Paths!

Botanical apartment, Phuket Thailand

Amazing botanical apartment in Phuket, Thailand. Love the green space building conversion. Hanging flowers are also beautiful!

Melbourne - Australia

St Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne, Australia

A view of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, by Atilla, showing St Patrick's Cathedral and hot air balloon overhead: "Watch Out For The Pointy Bit"

Alpene, Dolmittene, Grosse Fermeda og Sass Rigais

Kevin Kunstadt Dolomites I took these photographs in August 2010 in The Dolomites - a section of the Alps located in northeastern Italy. The Dolomites are named for a type of carbonate rock .

Absolutely Amazing

Absolutely Amazing

Places to visit: Moon Bridge, Beijing, China. It’s a wonderful synchronization on the water mirror.

Borobudur, Indonesia

vicissitude of life - Borobudur in Magelang, Central Java, Such a breathtaking photo from Myanmar photographer Weerapong Chaipuck

Hallstatt, Upper Austria.

Hallstatt, Upper Austria It is a village in the Salzkammergut, a region in Austria with 946 inhabitants