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cool cookie stamper

Buy Suck UK - Cookie Stamp (Home Made) online and save! Home made Cookie Stamp In an age where we buy everything from hot chickens to frozen yoghurt at the supermarket, it can be refreshing to explore the .

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Asking for this for Christmas! (would be a great stocking stuffer!) camera that prints real photos like a polaroid!

Herb Stripper

Cool Kitchen Gadgets - Chefn ZipStrip Herb Zipper: Just pull the herb stem through the correctly sized hole, and the fresh herbs fall right into the built-in measuring cup!

Ninja Knife Magnets $18... these would be great to attach a wanted poster or warning to the door for parties!

Ninja Knife Magnets - If you have something very important to tell someone in your house or office, it’s best to get to the point. Keep it short and sweet then hang it on the fridge or whiteboard with a long Ninja Knife Magnet made of ABS plastic.

Ceramic Chick Egg Separator ... for making amazing egg-white omelets.

Unique Kitchen Gadgets Save Time, Look Great

Ceramic Chick Egg White Separator Crack an egg and pour it into the chick separator. Tilt the chick and the yolk remains inside while the egg white drips through the beak. A must-have for bakers and dieters!

Magnetic Curtain Tie Backs hold curtains open without permanent fixtures. I'm so glad I found these again. I should have bought more when they were at Marshall's.

I am ordering these tmrw! Magnetic Curtain Tie Backs hold curtains open without permanent fixtures. wonder if you could do this with shower curtain clips?

Build-On Brick Coffee Mug - I must find this, someone (or 2) will be getting this for Christmas.

Build-On Brick Mug -- Morning meetings suck. Make yours more exciting with the Build-On Brick Mug. It's a coffee mug that is compatible with LEGO& PixelBlocks, Mega Bloks, KRE-O, or K'NEX Bricks& and it's guaranteed to making your meeting better.

No Mess Honey Dispenser

Keep your honey jar un-stickified with the honey syrup dispenser. The honey syrup dispenser holds your honey better than the bear from the grocery store since.

Customizable Bandaids. Cut bandaids to just the right size you need.

This concept Band-Aid machine will rid of this routinized shopping spree by allowing you to cut customized sizes of Band-Aids. Think of it like a tape dispenser, but for Band-Aids.

teal kitchenaid mixer with damask. perfection.

teal kitchenaid mixer with damask. perfection.

Nice space saving chip and dip server from Bloomingdale's.

Nambe Scoop Server for chips and dip, sleek and modern at Bloomingdales

the Pasta Man sings opera when your noodles are ready...awesome.

Al Dente Operatic Pasta Timer.Al Dente Operatic Pasta Timer - Put This Figure in Boiling Water With Pasta and When It Is Done, The Man Sings Opera!