teclado de pássaros

teclado de pássaros

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Posters for the opening of 13 wives a bar in Singapore designed by Foreign Policy Design Group. The name comes from a story of the bartender's little black book and the women he has known and loved.

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Beautiful use of colors and emotional type that suggests the vibes of music. Typography picks up the color of the woman scarf to create unity and symmetry.

Image result for ransom note haiku

Image result for ransom note haiku

Demuestra tu Espíritu Creativo y Gana con Bissoia, moda tendencia marca y estilo eso es Bissoia

LaurenJade: Examples of Event Posters for Inspiration * the geometric shapes break up the photo which makes it more interesting


hueandsaturation: “ The Daily Beast cover illustration. Alfred Hitchcock: The Psycho Genius of Hollywood. “To say he’s making a comeback would be misleading, because he never went away. Alfred Hitchcock’s place in the pantheon of great directors has.

Editorial Design Inspiration

The illustration is beautiful looks like water drawing mix with the photograph. Editorial Design Inspiration Amazing way to place an image in a grid layout; clear layout easy to read.

25 Ways To Design an Awesome Poster and Create a Buzz For Your Next Event – Design School

25 Ways To Design an Awesome Poster and Create a Buzz For Your Next Event

Mixed quality graphic design inspiration | From up North

Graphic design inspiration

This poster represents an interaction between two systems of color. Each pattern of color possesses its own unity. Overlapping creates an even richer experience of unity and also a sense of depth through the use of transparency or transition.