The Amazing Spiderman 2 trailer!!! *fangirling*

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The Amazing Spiderman 2 trailer! So can't wait to see The amazing spider man

ANDREW GARFIELD... I'm sorry but I can't get enough of him

i dont know if this is possible but i think my eyes become heart shaped everytime i see andrew garfield _

His laugh is so cute <3

His laugh is so cute

Andrew and Ed. Despite the horns, I imagine Ed was a little jealous. Everyone knows he adores Emma Stone!

this has been photoshopped horribly but its my too fave boys in one pic

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone

Victoria Justice: From TV Teen to Movie Star

Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, Teen Vogue Magazine August 2012 Cover Photo - United States

Andrew Garfield dirigé par David Robert Mitchell, le réalisateur de It Follows

Andrew Garfield dirigé par le réalisateur de It Follows

The Amazing Spiderman and The Hunger Games crossover!!

Sorry Clove, not true! Get the point already! Spider-Man's trying to make a fool outta you!