Japanese Tea House  in Nagoya castle park Aichi Japan via flickr

Traditional Japanese tea house and garden with moss ground cover, wisteria, Japanese willow, cherry, and maple trees

Approach to Daitoku-ji temple, Koto-in, Kyoto, Japan

Approach to Daitoku-ji temple, Koto-in, Kyoto, Japan - full of peace and life

Totally awesome!

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More Tea House

Stop in for a spot of tea at this sheet metal house, a modern Japanese Tea House located in Osaka, Japan. And if tea isn’t your thing, then you can just si

Bali Tea House Gazebo Kits | Backyard & Japanese Teahouse ...

New Bali Tea House gazebos help create a picture perfect garden retreat. Inspired by traditional Japanese designs, our teahouse is suited well for gardens and backyards.