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Joel Osteen “Trust God’s Timing”     Joyce Meyer - Moving Beyond Worry and Anxiety     Bishop T.D Jakes” Trade Your Peace For His!”

Philipians by far one of my fave verses. I'm too much of a worrier. His peace. This is one of my favorite verses as well, and one that I actually practice everyday.

Love this... Who currently in this world could not pray this prayer daily...?

Love this. Who currently in this world could not pray this prayer daily. Nothing touches us that You don't allow.

Debbie Kay   (Sometimes I feel like I don't know how to pray right.  I need to always remember to just talk to Him.  The Holy Spirit is there with me and for me, interceding, translating on my behalf.)

This is a beautiful prayer I prayed at those times I faced a lot of uncertainties in my life. His presence and His guidance strengthened me after this prayer.indeed God is good.

7 Prayers That Will Stabilize Your Emotions and Bring You Peace

Are you depressed, anxious, or struggling with manic emotions? Here are 7 prayers that will stabilize your emotions and bring you peace, from my own story.

Prayer for One Who Is Tired

Let your heart be filled . {Love this, and this, from Mary DeMuth: "We’re not required to be strong. It’s our weakness that enables us to stop, rest, and ask God to fill our very empty cup." WE are weak; HE is strong!