bottle caps!

Some People Just Throw Plastic Bottles Away, Others Make This…

If you just so happen to have 30 000 spare bottle caps and lack ideas of how to utilize them, check out what one Russian pensioner did. In the midst of Russian Taiga, a secluded Karmarchaga village now has a house, fully covered in colored bottle caps

Plastic bottle house in Serbia  Who knew plastic bottles could look so pretty!

Drink it In: 14 Buildings Made from Plastic Bottles

House constructed of recycled plastic bottles. The owner is retired math professor Tomislav Radovanic of central Serbia. He says the house is comfortable, cost practically nothing and the bottles are good insulators.

Another eco method for load-bearing walls: Bottle-Brick Construction, here used to construct an aqueduct.  Soda bottles are filled with concrete, serving as home-made bricks that don't need firing.

Guatemalan aqueduct of trash-filled bottles - love how the bottoms of the soda bottles make flower shapes.

Colorful garden sculptures made out of lids and caps of various sizes. Neet!

Stacked lids, bottle tops and caps. Fun for kids, but would also make great garden art! I'd think the trick for doing this project is to collect as much different color, shape & size of lid/caps as possible before start putting them together.

Mosaics on home wall and glass flowers

Mosaics on home wall…fun and colorful, but, unfortunately, not in my climate. Painted glass flowers too.

soooo gonna do this to my first guitar

Mosaic guitar in the garden? Might be a fun project for an old ruined guitar. (NEVER do this to one that can still play sweet music)


In the Russian village of Kamarchaga, in the Siberian taiga, Russian pensioner Olga Kostina has used plastic bottle caps to adorn her home with colorful

Plastic Bottle Top Mural...going to have to give it a try next year!

We are all excitedly awaiting the installation of the plastic bottle cap mural that grades worked on in June The final step befor.

Bottle cap crafts are a wonderful way to reuse and recycle small metal and plastic bottle caps

22 Creative Ideas to Reuse and Recycle Bottle Caps for Beautiful Home Decorating and Eco Gifts

HadeHaver Plastic Lid Bags - Feel good about your fashion choices with these HadeHaver plastic lid bags made with reused plastic bottle caps.

25 Ways To Re-Use Plastic Bottles, Oh yay another thing to clutter up the house.

25 Ways To Re-Use Plastic Bottles

You can repurpose empty plastic bottles before you put the plastic in the recycle box. 25 Things To Do With Empty Plastic Bottles {Water & Soda Bottle Crafts} Saturday Inspiration & Ideas - bystephanielynn

Medicine bottle and bottle cap art.

What a fun way to recycle plastic bottles and bottle caps! This artist makes art from waste, she makes incredible (self) portraits using bottle caps.

yarn bombing 14

Cross stitch yarn bomb on a park bench run rabbit run street art public art with whimsy


"piso de tapitas (Bottle Cap Floor)" Fun, should see about making one for the front door.


plastic bottle cap garland found at Beach Petals.a use for all the bottle caps I can't throw away! I've got sooooo many!