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omg so me

There's always relationships that are the exception and cause an overload of emotion Aquarius does not know how to handle.


It's such a good thing that an Aquarius does not get mad very often. It's all about self-control and many of us have it. - sug<<~~ I get mad alot actually.

<---nocturnal #aquarius

Aquarius Stocks-Young Hirsch now you know why I sit an talk all the time when we are in bed trying to go to sleep!

Too true

This is so, so true. One of my obvious traits! People think I accumulate stuff but the reality bought the shit to do it myself because they are not dependable enough to count on!

Mmm hmm

Hide yo kids hide yo wife cause the aquaris is coming to get you. Bahaha this is true.

Aquarius- I've so done this! This is why I want to study anthropology

You tend to be very observant and love to study the human nature and analyze why everyone around you acts the way they do.This is so me