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An eye-opening truth about long hair which may surprise you... <- What that f.....

An eye-opening truth about long hair which may surprise you.(not me-the only time Native Americans cut their hair-in my family anyway-is when someone close to them dies)

I need a consciousness of the Oneness of Humanity because any violence can be excused under the pretext of "she knew what she was doing." Until we feel we are one in diversity, so justice, and equality, and love for all is manifest.

I need feminism because. I don't think it's the majority, nor is it a Black thing. It's merely a symptom of society at large deeming Black and poor girls and women's features to be markers of "whores" and white women's to be virginal.

Buying votes in the Senate, #NRA

Here’s How Much It Costs To Block A Bill That 91% Of Americans Support

What it Cost the NRA to Buy Senators' Votes- itemized. Get the lobbyists out of government.

This puffin speaks the truth. Let's elect a puffin! Thanks to @Ana Maranges Martin TIME for the photo!

my brother in law was a retail clerk, a unionized grocery worker, and he raised a family and bought a house while working in the business.

"I was a Republican until I got to New York and had to live on $18 a week.  It was then that I became a Democrat."  ~ Julia Child

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It's the educated, well dressed middle-class Republican voters who are scary, as they know EXACTLY what they are voting for.

Laila Rouass:Before and After. Photo shop.  So-girls, ladies and women, nobody's body is perfect! This is a big part of self image problems, at ALL ages and very much so in young adults. It's saddens me for many reasons and especially because so many people feel they have to "look perfect" like these stars. And they are no different then someone that isn't famous.  There's nothing wrong with wanting to look good!! But there's something wrong with society and how it has gotten into so many…

Original image on left, touched-up image on right. What if women knew that the bodies they idolized in print were fabrications? Do you have a belly and thighs? So does this model. That woman looks amazing. not sure why they photoshopped her anyway.