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Gloria Steinem Supports President Obama

Gloria Steinem giving many reasons why she supports President Obama. She says in every speech he gives, there's evidence of his deep belief in equality and fundamental human rights.

I'm sure people with cancer appreciate this bullshit

I'm sure people with cancer appreciate this bullshit. What shocking emotional, spiritual violence are 'christians' prepared to heap onto people.

As a result of the GOP Government Shutdown, spiked treasury bills - due to crises  & will add another $14 million to the Federal Debt in higher interest costs. What an expensive temper tantrum!  VOTE the GOP OUT!

What an expensive temper tantrum!

Still fighting the same stupid fights after all these years!! But we will always resist & fight back!!  Our beautiful America deserves our never giving up!!  We will be honored to fight for kindness, caring, love & peace.. not the ugly, mean, hateful ways that are showing up every day lately

Imagine how stupid you are going to look in 40 years. In 40 years, everyone will think that people who protested gay marriage are just as stupid and biased as peaple who protested interracial marraige 40 years ago.

25 Famous Women on Childlessness.  My feelings echo those of Elizabeth Gilbert.  I was born to be an aunt, not a mother.

25 Famous Women on Childlessness

Famous Women on Childlessness: Gloria Steinem, Condoleezza Rice, Stevie Nicks, and more on the decision not to have kids.


"The reason people use a crucifix against vampires is that vampires are allergic to bullshit" ~ Richard Prior Atheist humor

BIRTH CONTROL WORKS: Teen birth rate is highest in states with "abstinence-only" sex education laws.

Teen birth rate is highest in states with "abstinence-only" sex education laws. It has been that way for frikking ever, how long does it take for people to realize ignorance doesn't solve problems?


Tell me you are conservative. Tell me you are Republican. Tell me any of these things, and I won& make too many assumptions about you. Sure, I may assume you go to church every Sunday, eat red meat, and get most of your.

Their parents are sending them to avoid drug violence, prostitution, and starvation. What would you do for your child?

Leah Barkoukis - White House: A Huge Number of Illegal Immigrants Crossing Border Are Actually Adults, Families

Remember when politicians were banned from taking huge bribes?  Ahhh.... those were the days...

Un-rig the System: Remove unlimited dark money from Politics and the Election Cycles -- Repeal Citizens United!

I need a consciousness of the Oneness of Humanity because any violence can be excused under the pretext of "she knew what she was doing." Until we feel we are one in diversity, so justice, and equality, and love for all is manifest.

I need feminism because. I don't think it's the majority, nor is it a Black thing. It's merely a symptom of society at large deeming Black and poor girls and women's features to be markers of "whores" and white women's to be virginal.

Gun Owners: Be Responsible

I am a gun owner & I am absolutely for gun control! It's the logical conclusion if you have half a brain & an ounce of empathy.