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24K Gold Dipped Rose - Urban Outfitters

Gold Dipped Rose - Urban Outfitters Why buy a gold dipped rose from Urban outfitters when you turn any rose you touch into gold. This is what happened to king Midas.

I'm getting fed up w/ ppl copying me, so now I'm just going to block those who copy me bc I've given enough warnings lordy

This is a book where I post templates and tutorials. For every template I put in this book I will write instructions on how to use it.


"Our time and space is so fragile. With just the slightest pressure it can collapse.


LibraXLeo Relationship Aesthetic + Song “Changed the color in my eyes Soon he will perforate the fabric of the peaceful by and by Sorrow lasts through this night I’ll take this piece of you And hold.

"For a second, maybe I didn't even want to be alive. I knew something was different. It was all too sound, too lonely in my life to be anything. The world moved around me as if I were just a strong presence; flowing around me in a tight feeling of "right". I was a soul never meant to be here. I was a ghost sent here to view the life of mortals. So for a second, I wanted to die. And in that second, I did."~CHANGERS

probably how my husband feels right now. just hoping this issue at church dies down soon.

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Abraham's eyes looked tired and he wouldn't meet my gaze. His normal reserved demeanor was replaced with a sad exhaustion.