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Okay, WHY are raikou, suicune, and entei SHINY in the movies? Who cares! It just looks cool.

Okay, WHY are raikou, suicune, and entei SHINY in the movies? They look Awesome!

Dragon Types...Fucking sick dragons are the best peep charizard in the distance like whatever I ain't posin with these fools.

Awesome dragon pokemon pic, though it is outdated lol<<< "Outdated? 'Cause it doesn't have rainbow deer and the bird of mass destruction?

Eu adoro o Suicune, tão gracioso, e olha o cabelão da Lohaine!

She is in charge of a cave. She protects the pokemon in the cave and brings them food. She is a kind and shy pokemon open

"Team Instinct" by Surfaçage. Pinning this again, it's the best thing everLOOK AT THE WITTLE VAPEOREON PINNING FOR DAT

New PokeMon on

"Team Instinct" by Surfaçage. I'm not on Team Instinct but this is still cool


Pokémon - What Comes Next? Technically, the last two are wrong.one is supposedly death (draining life, Yveltal) and the other is life (Xerneas. and the Tao Trio (Reshiram, Kyurem, Zekrom) the duality was Ideals and Truth


Pokemon X Y - Ninfia I thought the evolution method was going to be to let evolve with a pink ribbon or something but it Eevee evolves by friendship and learning a fairy type to evolve into Syleveon <-- awwww this is so sweet

Interesting - I Think I Just Fell Even More In Love With Pokemon.

It is pretty cool, especially the evolutionary theory of plant type starters, BUT as I repeat, Fennekin is a FOX not a dog, making the zodiac theory false :( ^^ your wrong a fox is a dog so it's still true