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What Do You Think of Emo/Scene Hair?

Those snake bites :-: c:

Snake bites and pink hair

I'd love hair like this

Them lip piercings 👌hate the nose piercing though

I like the dark blue.  I wanna dye my hair that color!!

Emo hair - Don't really like the nose piercing but I love her hair


scene/emo adorable marry me

Scene girl with silver hair @silencexsamxcyanide follow on Instagram ^

Scene girl with silver hair

i dont care about the emo part but the color c:

30 Deeply Emotional and Creative Emo Hairstyles for Girls

The Emo Girls are skiny.Being skinny is almost part of the style, considering that most EMO, S wears skin tight clothing. The Emo girls are sexy to impress the boys in a few mints. Hot Emo girls will usually have an incredible fashion sense

Scene girl Blue and black hair

Would never do this but this looks ok on her

awesome blue and green hair. girl woman cute hot adorable i love this

indie scene hair - Google Search

This emo girl is pretty :)